About Apogee

Apogee is the largest, most innovative provider of on-campus residential networks (ResNet) in higher education. Partnering with Apogee for ResNet services allows colleges and universities to enhance their network infrastructure while offloading the growing volume of administrative responsibilities associated with managing a student network. This partnership allows IT to focus on the mission-critical tasks of the university, such as growing the enterprise network and facilitating the development and use of e-learning tools and content.

Our Mission

From day one, Apogee’s primary goal has been to provide colleges and universities with the dynamic solutions they require to meet the needs of today’s student while remaining competitive in the modern world. We understand that the ultimate goal of those in the higher education community is to foster the potential of every student – and we share that goal.

We believe the primary purpose of a ResNet is to foster an environment in which new ideas flourish. Advances in technology and business often materialize in residential environments where innovative college students are free to explore new ideas. Microsoft, Google, Dell – these were all companies born in a residence hall. Now they are the preeminent, driving forces in business and technology.

It is to this end that we strive – to provide your students with the technology and support they need and to foster environments where new ideas find a foothold. Learning happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. Is the next Google sitting in your residences, waiting for the chance to become a reality? Is your administration doing everything in its power to help shape these new ideas and show them the light of day? At Apogee, cultivating an environment where students thrive is our passion and we understand how important it is to give your students the tools they need to develop the next big idea. After all, Apogee is itself the product of an innovative college startup.

In partnering with Apogee, you will be working with a team of professionals who share your vision to prepare your students for challenges of today’s world.


Meet the Apogee Team